From a young age it was apparent that he had the potential to be a star.  All of his friends and family could see the way he loved entertaining and creating in any way he could.

Throughout his teenage years, Brandon wrote stories, plays and poetry.  He could also be found performing in various choirs.  Although a very active performer, he did not begin to take music seriously until after he graduated from high school.

He loved music and his desire to write and perform led him to hip-hop.  It began with attending open mic nights anywhere possible and eventually linked him up with six other talented musicians to form a group known as “The Coalition”.  He became known as 007, or Playboy in the group because of the way their female fans responded to him.

Brandon enjoyed working with “The Coalition”, however their group did not last.  Although the group eventually broke up, his experiences with them helped him to establish himself as a musician and gave him a great foundation to build upon.

However, staying motivated after the group’s break up proved difficult.  He quickly realized that music was not allowing him support himself financially, so he decided to enroll in college.  He wasn’t into it at the time, so he dropped out.  Brandon decided to leave and join the military, which he served in for four years.

No matter where he was or what he was doing, he kept his passion for music close to his heart.  After four years of life as a soldier, Brandon decided it was time to seriously try to get back into music, but this time as a solo artist.  He wanted a new beginning.

Originally, a close friend suggested the name “Drop” because of his ability to drop knowledge, creativity, and concepts on individuals.  According to Drop, “I didn’t want to identify with just one group of people, so the name change made sense”.  “It’s more than a name though; it’s a change of direction”.  He wants to change the system and make an impact in rap, which hopefully will help to “drop” the negative stereotypes of what the genre has become.

This is what motivates him.  He wants people to be excited about music again and “get people back on board with this hip hop thing”.

Nowadays a lot of rappers are constantly talking about swag or other possessions to gain fans. Unlike most artists today, Drop believes in individuality and pure talent.  His focus on creating a new lane…

Drop’s promotional album, “The Day of the Sevens” was released in early 2007 with good reviews from critics.  The album helped to showcase his ability to make quality music.

His latest project is the upcoming Slideshow series.  He wants to show the growth and maturity of music by creating songs that will get people to visualize and imagine as they listen.  He wants them to “be able to put the tape in and go on a journey with him and feel it in different ways”.  That is what music once did for people and he is passionate about bringing that back into peoples lives.

The slideshow series and The Open Your Mind Movement are surely going to rock the music industry and have already began making an impact in the DMV area.

The future of rap music is not certain, but one thing that is for sure is that Drop will have a major influence on the hip-hop industry.  Faithful fans only need to stand by a little while longer and they will soon be able to see everything that Drop and his movement have to offer.